Lodges Were Made for the Color Red

rustic-dining-roomYears ago, when we started looking for ideas on how to decorate our log cabin in a remote valley of Montana, a local decorator told us to “try the color red.”

“Nothing goes more beautifully with wood than red,” she said.  That was the beginning of our love affair with the color red in all its varied hues.

Apparently, interior designers Henry P. Johnson and Robert S. Berman got the same memo when they decorated this hunting lodge in Oxford, Maryland, using red as their primary theme.

Srustic-living-roompecifically, the interior was “created with reclaimed materials and furnishing to evoke a rustic, yet luxurious 18th Century retreat.” They accented the rich blend of reds and browns with delicate touches of blue, green, and gold, creating semi-formal yet inviting spaces to read, converse, and eat.

The red theme carries into the kitchen with sharper, cleaner lines and wide-open spaces for cooking and maneuvering in otherwise close quarters. The look is distinctly European—almost French country. This is a kitchen we would have a hard time walking away from. That, perhaps, should be the purpose rustic-kitchenbehind all decor—to make it hard to walk away.

You get the sense that a tidy collector who likes history and tells a good story resides here. If you’re lucky, he or she will invite you over for a long, leisurely dinner.

What other colors have you seen work well in lodge decor?


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