A Lodge is “Something More”

lodge-lover-porchIn the past, we’ve made the assertion that a “lodge is something more. More than lodging, more than rustic, more than a resort.” We’ve cited Old Faithful Inn as an example.

What does “something more” really mean? Being old, new, majestic, or quaint isn’t what qualifies a structure as a lodge—at least not by our definition. Neither does it have to do with decor, lodging, or fine dining, although those aspects can be wonderful. What makes a lodge a Lodge Lover lodge is context.

A lodge isn’t some sort of alternate reality like a theme or amusement park. Rather, a lodge is a staging area from which to view, enter, or contemplate a remarkable segment of reality such as craggy mountains, rich forests, and recreational opportunities of national parks, beauty and conflict in deserts, savannahs, and open ranges, rare or fantastic phenomena like geysers and canyons, or historic landmarks such as battlefields and archaeological digs.

lodge-lover-safariLodges invite you to touch, see, smell, hear, and otherwise experience great and wonderful things. To value natural settings. To take the time to ponder meaning and to examine potential answers to life’s most important questions. To regain focus and rebuild relationships. To conquer the highest mountains and the deepest valleys—on foot, on skis, by boat, or on horseback. These are things not effectively done in theme parks—even lodge-like ones. That’s something to consider when you plan your next vacation.

The fact that we focus on lodges with that element of “something more” doesn’t mean we’re lodge critics. Far from it. We don’t judge whether a lodge lives up to its name. We just want to help you find lodges that perfectly your needs in those rare moments when you have the time and resources to get away.

Somewhere out there, a lodge with “something more” is calling your name. We’d love to be part of the discovery process.

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